Mini Chicken Pot Pies

  Are you tired of regular pot pies? Just add some veggies, some meat and the Mini Chicken Pot Pies is already done!

Breakfast Grits

Everybody in the North knows this simple breakfast recipe. Try the Breakfast Grits today!


The traditional Omelet has been a favorite of most people, because it’s healthy and filling for breakfast!

Filled Bread Rolls

You’d like to eat something filling quickly? Try the Filled Bread Rolls!

Stuffed Camembert rolls

If you love cheese, and want to eat something stellar, try the Stuffed Camembert rolls! It’s delicious!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Let’s surprise your significant other with the Valentine’s Day Breakfast!

Rice pudding

If you want to make something filling and cheap, the Rice pudding was made for you!

Semolina porridge

The Semolina porridge is one of the quickest sweets you can prepare, and it’s very cheap too. Try it if you want something quick and tasty!


  Simple, lightning fast Waffles recipe that makes for the perfect breakfast!

Sausage roll wreath

  The Sausage roll wreath is the perfect recipe for a friendly reunion, because it’s not only great to look at, but simple to make!

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