Easter DIY – Egg Bites

Prepare the Egg Bites! Elevate your Easter dinner table!

Christmas Tree Muffins

The Christmas Tree Muffins is a simple and elegant way to elevate your Christmas Eve! 🙂

Easter Egg Nests

  The Easter Egg Nests is a delicious, special meal that will elevate your Easter dinner table!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Let’s surprise your significant other with the Valentine’s Day Breakfast!

Love Cupcakes

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with the Love Cupcakes!

Valentine’s Day Mini Ombré Cake

Try the Valentine’s Day Mini Ombré Cake! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise dessert!

Valentine’s Day Mini Red Velvet Fruit Cake

Surprise your significant other with the Valentine’s Day Mini Red Velvet Fruit Cake this year!


Try the Cheesecake with a little twist, that will look like a giant cheese disk! Based on a German recipe, now you can prepare it too!

Angel wings

This tasty, crisp Angel wings dessert is easier to make than you’d think!

Curd donuts

Especially delicious and light, probably the most well-known dessert world-wide, and the most delicious one at that! Try the Curd donuts today!

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