Lentil soup

According to traditional belief, if your first meal in January is lentil, your whole year will be profitable! Make the Lentil soup this year!


This is how the perfect, tender on the inside, crisp on the outside Meringue!

Honey macaron

Soft and tender Honey macaron, the perfect Christmas dessert you can’t miss out on!

Turkish delight

  We brought you a retro sweet recipe! Do you remember your childhood favorite, the Turkish delight?

New Year’s puff pastry cakes

New Year’s puff pastry cakes! A decorative, quickly prepared dish, perfect New Year’s Eve parties!

New Year’s pigs

Simple to make and looks amazing! Try the New Year’s pigs!


  There’s no Christmas without Gingerbread! You’re looking for a perfect, delicious and tender Gingerbread recipe? Try this!

Szaloncukor – Hungarian Christmas Candy

  The Szaloncukor – Hungarian Christmas Candy is a real Hungarian speciality that you should definitely try!

Creative Christmas DIY dishes

With a little creativity, even the simpler dishes become festive! Try the Creative Christmas DIY dishes!

Orange curd holiday tarts

If you want to make a stunning, quickly prepared dessert, the Orange curd holiday tarts is the perfect choice!

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