Mushrooms with Cream Cheese

If you like mushroom, you should definitely try these!  

Meatballs with Bacon

The Meatballs with Bacon is an easy and creative food idea!  

Zucchini Rolls

The Zucchini Rolls is a fast and easy snack, perfect for unexpected guests.    

Stuffed baked potatoes with bacon

Try the Stuffed baked potatoes with bacon, serve it before any meal, it will surely be a favorite!  

Ham and eggs muffins

If you want something creative and spectacular for breakfast, try the Ham and eggs muffins!  

Potato roses with bacon

The Potato roses with bacon is not only beautiful, but delicious as well!  

Cherry tomato tulips with whipped feta filling

Decorative food to welcome your guests with under fifteen minutes! Try the Cherry tomato tulips with whipped feta filling today!  

Frankfurter octopus

Make this amazing Frankfurter octopus recipe if you want to try a creative and stunning dish!

Mozzarella Penguins for your guests

Mozzarella Penguins for your guests! Try it if you want to surprise everyone!  

Onion Rings filled with cheese and ham

If the weekend meals get boring after a while, elevate them with the Onion Rings filled with cheese and ham!

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