Homemade crescent rolls

Extremely delicious and extremely quick to make! One of the best breakfast recipes, the Homemade crescent rolls!

Granny’s kefir cake

If you want something sweet, the Granny’s kefir cake is the perfect choice. It’s done with only a few ingredients and it’s extremely tasty!

Mayonnaise salad in venison form

The Mayonnaise salad in venison form is a simple, filling and stunning dish, that everyone should try!

Breakfast turnovers

The Breakfast turnovers is an amazing breakfast dish everyone should know!

Braided yeast bun

The Braided yeast bun makes for the perfect dessert, or an excellent breakfast dish! Try it!

Homemade bread

The Homemade bread is way better than what you can buy in stores! Try this recipe, you won’t regret it!

Pockets with minced meat

Try the Pockets with minced meat for breakfast or as a dessert! It’s amazing!

Curd cheese turnover

The Curd cheese turnover is perfect as an afternoon dish or for breakfast! Try it!

Liptauer spread

The Liptauer spread is a basic recipe that everyone must try!  

Hot dog with Bolognese sauce

If you like hot dogs, you’ll love the Hot dog with Bolognese sauce!  

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