Egg Lecso

  The Egg Lecso is a classic Hungarian dish you can’t get enough of! It’s delicious, and you’d miss out on a lot if you didn’t eat it in the summer!

Egg Barley Lecso

  The Egg Barley Lecso is one of the most delicious and the most filling variant of the well-known Hungarian lecso variants! Try it!

Chicken Parmesan

  Do you love cheese, and would like to make something amazing for dinner? Try the Chicken Parmesan!

Avocado tomato spaghetti

  Would you like to eat a pasta dish that’s quickly made as insanely easy? Try the Avocado tomato spaghetti!


Are you afraid of making Risotto? Don’t be, we’re here to help!

Potato Casserole

    Would you like to try something new? Then the Potato Casserole was made for you!

Rump Steak

You like steaks, and you’d like to make them yourself? Here’s an easy and quick recipe, the Rump Steak!

Roast Beef

  You’d like to try something new? Try the Roast Beef!

Beef Roulades

    Are you a fan of exquisite tastes? Try the gourmet Beef Roulades!

Semolina Pasta

If you want to make something delicious in a very short amount of time, try the Semolina Pasta!

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