Bear-shaped Pancakes

The Bear-shaped Pancakes is a creative and fun recipe! This guide will help you make pancakes more creatively.    

Baguette Boats

The Baguette Boats is a quick and delicious breakfast.    

Sausage Snails

The Sausage Snails is a fun looking and tasty breakfast.      

Bacon and Egg cake

The Bacon and Egg cake is the classic breakfast with some minor changes.    

Panda Muffins

The Panda Muffins is a funny looking dessert for the kids!    

Potato pancakes filled with cheese and ham

The Potato pancakes filled with cheese and ham is one of the best side dish ideas you can imagine!  

Stuffed baked potatoes with bacon

Try the Stuffed baked potatoes with bacon, serve it before any meal, it will surely be a favorite!  

Bread filled with cheese and herbs

The Bread filled with cheese and herbs is a very delicious breakfast idea!  

Ham and eggs muffins

If you want something creative and spectacular for breakfast, try the Ham and eggs muffins!  

Chocolate brownie dessert with raspberries

If you want to spice up your day with a stunning dessert, try the Chocolate brownie dessert with raspberries!  

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