Ginger Cookies

  You won’t be able to resist the intense aroma and flavour of this Ginger Cookies recipe! This simple and delicious cookie is a perfect choice for the holidays, so try it this Christmas!

Christmas Tree Cookies

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! During the holidays, it can be very crowded. Guests are coming to visit, so why not keep some Christmas Tree Cookies in the biscuit jar. Christmas Tree Cookies are very easy and fast to make!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich / S’mores

  If you’re bored of eating something salty for breakfast all the time, then let us show you two sweet recipes. Try this simple and absolutely yummy Peanut butter and jelly sandwich or S’mores recipe!

Home-made Toffifee

  Who could resist a delicious home-made Toffifee? Let us help you with this amazing and simple recipe to create your own Toffifee at home. Your friends and family will love this one!

Gift Box Cookies

  Do you want to prepare something creative and amazing this Christmas? Check out our video and try this very simple yet original Gift Box Cookies recipe!

Soft-boiled Eggs

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! You want to prepare some Soft-boiled Eggs but you don’t know how to begin? Let us help you with this simple recipe!

Grill Cheese Sandwich

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Are you a fan of cheese? Then you’ll love this amazing Grill Cheese Sandwich recipe! It’s a perfect choice for breakfast or an afternoon snack.


  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Are you having a friendly get-together but you’ve no idea what to cook for your vegan friend? Try this Veggie-Burger! Your friend will definitely appreciate the gesture!

Hashbrown Casserole

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Hashbrown Casserole is a simple, delicious yet very filling vegetarian dish. If you like experimenting with new meals, try this recipe at home!

Not-So-Sloppy Joes

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Not-So-Sloppy Joes is absolutely delicious as it is, but add some sour cream on the top and it’ll be completely irresistible!

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