Santa cap

The Santa cap is the perfect dish to make to get your kids in the Christmas mood!

Egg snowmen

  A happy, creative recipe that kids will love! The Egg snowmen will surely bring a smile to everyone who sit down at the table in morning!

Santa boots

  Here’s a creative way that shows how to make sausages better! Santa boots! 🌲

Larded meatballs with tomato sauce

The Larded meatballs with tomato sauce is the perfect dish if you’re expecting guests, that will definitely leave a good impression, and leave you wanting more!

Santa’s cookies

Kids are expecting Santa Claus? You would like to surprise him with cookies? Prepare this fantastic, crispy dessert, the Santa’s cookies together with your family! Perfect with a cup of warm milk!

Onion rings wrapped in bacon

  Crunchy and delicious! If you wish to make a simple party dish that you don’t need to spend hours on, prepare the Onion rings wrapped in bacon! It won’t disappoint!

Egg eyes

  You want to surprise your friends with a bizarre Halloween meal, but you don’t have a lot of time to prepare them? Try the Egg eyes!

Coffin cake

  Coffin cake! ONLY IF YOU’RE OVER 18! 😀

Crunchy Jack-O’-Lanterns

  Funny Halloween bites! The Crunchy Jack-O’-Lanterns will make both kids and adults smile!

Halloween witches’ fingers

  The spooky Halloween witches’ fingers recipe that will surely make for an amazing and memorable party food!

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