Chicken curry with cauliflower rice

The Chicken curry with cauliflower rice is an amazing meat recipe you should definitely eat this weekend!

Beef Goulash

The Beef Goulash is a traditional Hungarian dish, try it today!

Paprika chicken with sour cream

Classic Paprika chicken with sour cream recipe with dumplings! Try it, you’ll love it!

Dragon’s secret

  You want to try something special and interesting? We’re happy to present the Dragon’s secret! It’s worth to try!

Cheese filled cauliflower wrapped in meat

  The Cheese filled cauliflower wrapped in meat could become the family’s favorite! Try it!

Stuffed chicken breast with mustard-béchamel sauce

  If you want to try a creative chicken breast recipe, try the Stuffed chicken breast with mustard-béchamel sauce!

Chicken breasts with pineapple and cheese

If you like Hawaiian flavors, try the Chicken breasts with pineapple and cheese!

Cheese stuffed tomato chicken breast

Classic elements in a special recipe. The Cheese stuffed tomato chicken breast is quickly made, juicy and delicious!

Meatballs stuffed with eggs

If you’re bored of usual meatballs, and want to eat something unusual, try the Meatballs stuffed with eggs! It’s a filling dish for lunch, dinner, or even for holidays.

Aromatic and tender chicken breast

    Fast, simple to make and delicious! We’ve prepared one of the most well-liked Chinese recipe, the Aromatic and tender chicken breast will surely leave everyone in awe!

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