Avocado tomato spaghetti

  Would you like to eat a pasta dish that’s quickly made as insanely easy? Try the Avocado tomato spaghetti!

Semolina Pasta

If you want to make something delicious in a very short amount of time, try the Semolina Pasta!

Easy Ham and Noodles

You get hungry during the day, but you don’t have any energy to make something? Then the Easy Ham and Noodles was made for you! It’s easy and quick to make!

Cheese Dumplings

If you like egg noodles, you will like the Cheese Dumplings even more! Try it today!  

Pasta with cottage cheese wrapped in bacon

If you love cottage cheese, you must try the Pasta with cottage cheese wrapped in bacon!

Poppy seed potato dumplings

The Poppy seed potato dumplings is an amazing dessert recipe that will leave you wanting more!

Noodle casserole

Noodle casserole… An amazing pasta dish that can be served as main course or as an appetizer. Either way, everyone will love it!

Cold pasta salad

Make the Cold pasta salad this weekend, it will brighten up your day.

Potato pasta

Try the Potato pasta today! It’s an amazing and tasty pasta dish everyone should know!

Spaghetti Bolognese

A real classic, that everybody loves. Make the Spaghetti Bolognese today!

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