Churro muffins with vanilla ice cream

  If you want to make a special dessert for the entire family, prepare the Churro muffins with vanilla ice cream!

Blueberry cream cheese pockets

  Blueberry cream cheese pockets! An amazingly delicious cookie that you must try!

Creative pizza cones

  When you’re bored of the classic pizza, then make the Pizza cones! It’s perfect as an appetizer or part of the main course!

Turkey rolls

  The Turkey rolls is a simple and delicious meal that’s prepared in a few moments!

Apple rose tart

  If you wish to make an easily prepared dessert for your family, the Apple rose tart is just the choice for you!

Hazelnut dark chocolate cake

  If you like chocolate and you want a foamy cake, the Hazelnut dark chocolate cake is a cake you have to try!

Hungarian meat strips

  If you want to make a Hungarian specialty, the Hungarian meat strips is the choice for you!

Creamy pumpkin soup

The Creamy pumpkin soup is the most famous and fun soup of the fall season.

Ham and cheese pie

  If you want to eat something that’s prepared quickly, and tastes delicious, you have to try the Ham and cheese pie!

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