Broccoli cream soup

The Broccoli cream soup is an easy and quick soup to make! It’s full of vitamins and tastes delicious!

Eggplant and chicken pie

Healthy, filling and delicious! Try the Eggplant and chicken pie today!

Cauliflower soup with sour cream

What’s better after a hard, long day than Cauliflower soup with sour cream? It’s easy to make, delicious and filling!

Oven-baked donuts

Very light, has a creamy dough, easy to make and tastes delicious! We recommend the Oven-baked donuts recipe to everyone!


The Meatballs is an amazing dish, because it’s very easy to make, tasty and filling!

Bean goulash

Try this filling, traditional homemade one pot meal, the Bean goulash!

Yellow pea stew

Classic, delicious and simple Yellow pea stew recipe!

Potato soup

Simple, yet delicious and filling; the Potato soup!

Strawberry curd cake

Strawberry curd cake! An easy, fruity dessert the whole family will love!

Pizza dough

Homemade crisp and tender Pizza dough, just like in restaurants!

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