Pancake Cake

Pancakes? Heck yeah! Make this amazing variant, the Pancake Cake! Prepare it as a main dish, or as dessert after a filling soup, either way it’s irresistible, and will make for a memorable dinner! Trust me, this spectacular dish will surely be everyone’s favorite!

Asparagus cream soup

  Don’t forget to eat soup during the Summer, so here’s a perfectly freshening Asparagus cream soup!

Quick Cake with Yogurt

  You’d like to bake something, but don’t have a lot of patience or time? All you have to do is put the ingredients together and throw it in the oven! It’s also light and easy to make! Try the Quick Cake with Yogurt!


You’d like to eat pancakes, but you’re bored of the usual ones? Try the Crépes!

Potato pancakes

  Some potatoes, onions and this amazing Potato pancakes appetizer is already done!

Easter Egg Nests

  The Easter Egg Nests is a delicious, special meal that will elevate your Easter dinner table!

Potato dumplings

Preparing the Potato dumplings is quick and easy! Try it, if you want a nice dessert quickly!


You’d like to make something for a birthday party or a family reunion? Here’s this simple and colorful Donuts recipe!

Buttermilk Cake

You’d like to eat something with coconut, but you’re bored of coconut balls? Try the Buttermilk Cake!

Philadelphia Cake

  Cheese isn’t only paired with salty dishes, so here’s this sweet Philadelphia Cake you should definitely try!

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