Creamy chestnut cake

Creamy chestnut cake! Soft, creamy and it’s impossible to resist!

Classic mashed potatoes

The Classic mashed potatoes is the most well-liked side dish for meals. Here’s an amazing recipe you should definitely try!

Tiramisu cake

The Tiramisu cake is an amazing Italian cake reimagined and brought to a new light. Try it!

Mushroom ragout with sour cream

This meatless stew, the Mushroom ragout with sour cream is well-liked by most, you should definitely try it as well!

Pea stew

The Pea stew is a Hungarian gourmet recipe you definitely have to try!

Baked rice pudding

The Baked rice pudding is a classic, traditional Hungarian dessert you should make if you want something light!

Creamy pumpkin

If you’ve had bad memories with Creamy pumpkin, this recipe will surely turn them around. Try it, it’s easy and quick to make!

Jam Swiss roll

It’s better to make two sets of this dessert, because the Jam Swiss roll is irresistible!

Roast beef with onions

If you want a filling Hungarian dish, try the Roast beef with onions!  

Liptauer spread stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon

The Liptauer spread stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon is a dish rich in flavor, and an amazing dish!

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