Yoghurt Cake with Fruit and Oatmeal

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Summer is nearly here as well along with the warm weather! There’s nothing better than a fresh and healthy yoghurt cake with fruit and oats! Delicious strawberries mixed with refreshing yoghurt is perfect for a treat after a long and tiring day of work! It’s quick and […]

Non Plus Ultra

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! These cookies are unique, delicious and look great! These Non Plus Ultras are truly exciting treats and with a bit of care and time, these cookies will be like they just arrived from a pastry shop!

Nero Cookies

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Here is a classic cookie straight from your grandma’s kitchen! Nero Cookies are extremely simple to make and are packed full of tasty apricot jam. They are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

Chocolate Basket

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! How about you give our delicious Chocolate Basket a try, you might even lick your plate clean after finishing it off! This dessert is not only beautiful to the eye, but also a delight for your taste buds, making it the perfect treat for a long and […]

Homemade Knoppers

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Can’t get enough of Knoppers? Then try out our Homemade Knoppers recipe, and you can indulge in it’s goodness throughout the whole week!

Japanese Cheesecake

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Do you like cheesecake? Then say yes to temptation, the Japanese Cheesecake recipe! It’s creamy, cheesy and can even bounce! Make this tasty recipe with us!

Kinder Maxi

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Who doesn’t love a great Kinder Maxi? It’s the type of treat which you can’t get enough of. This dessert will be a great one for you and your family. So give this Kinder Maxi recipe a try, a big Kinder for the big ones?


  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! “The taste of paradise!” Easy to make at home, this delightful coconut dessert dipped in milk chocolate is a real crowd pleaser! This is our version of everyone’s favourite chocolate bar: Bounty. This iconic dessert is the best choice for any sort of family gathering!

Oreo Penguins

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Let us show you how to make these cute little penguins from one of the most popular biscuits in the world: Oreo! To prepare these Oreo Penguins, you’ll only need some chocolate, sour candy, and colorful M&Ms. Both children and adults will adore this oreo penguins recipe!

Christmas Light Cupcake

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! If you don’t have much time to cook during Christmas preparations, why not make a simple yet wonderful dessert? Try this Christmas Light Cupcake recipe!

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