Tuna Salad

You’d like something, that’s both filling and healthy? Try the Tuna Salad!

Asparagus Salad

  You’d like to eat a filling food that’s good for diets? Here’s the easily prepared Asparagus Salad! Try it!

Potato pancakes

  Some potatoes, onions and this amazing Potato pancakes appetizer is already done!

Easter Egg Nests

  The Easter Egg Nests is a delicious, special meal that will elevate your Easter dinner table!

Tarte Flambée

A simple dough, some sauce, and the Tarte Flambée is already done!

German Buns

The German Buns is a traditional German speciality you should try making!

Stuffed Cream Cheese Mushrooms

The Stuffed Cream Cheese Mushrooms is an amazing and delicious appetizer recipe everyone will love!

Stuffed Camembert rolls

If you love cheese, and want to eat something stellar, try the Stuffed Camembert rolls! It’s delicious!

Chicken breast rose

If you like creative and quickly made recipes, try the Chicken breast rose!

Stew with minced meat

  We brought this recipe for those who like both vegetables and meat! It’s extremely easy and tasty! It’s filling, and I guarantee you won’t leave anything on the plate! Try the Stew with minced meat today!

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