Pancake Cake

Pancakes? Heck yeah! Make this amazing variant, the Pancake Cake! Prepare it as a main dish, or as dessert after a filling soup, either way it’s irresistible, and will make for a memorable dinner! Trust me, this spectacular dish will surely be everyone’s favorite!

Truffle cake

Chocolate combined with rum between biscuit layers… That is what the Truffle cake is all about! It’s easily prepared at home, just be careful with the alcohol.

Black Forest cake

The Black Forest cake! A really stunning and delicious cake that will be a success no matter the occasion! It’s amazing inside and out!

Carrot cake

The Carrot cake is the perfect dessert recipe for Easter!

Strawberry cake with cream cheese

The Strawberry cake with cream cheese is an amazing and filling dessert everyone will like!

Russian cream cake

The Russian cream cake is amazing and works for any occasion! Try it today!

Banana yogurt cake

The Banana yogurt cake is a filling, delicious dessert, that’s also extremely easy to make! Try it!

Lemon mascarpone cake

There’s nothing better, than a sour, fresh and lemony delightful dessert! Try the Lemon mascarpone cake, you won’t be disappointed!

Goosefoot cake

The Goosefoot cake can elevate any occasion! It’s an amazing dessert!

Sacher cake

One of the most well known cake of Austria, the Sacher cake. It’s a kind of chocolate cake, that’s made of two layers of thick, not too sweet chocolate biscuit dough, separated by a layer of very thin apricot jam.

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