Raffaello slices

  Would you like to surprise your family with a foam cake dessert on a Sunday? The Raffaello slices are the best choice!

Banana cream cake

  If you’re longing for a creamy, layer dessert, the Banana cream cake will impress you!

Black Forest cake

The Black Forest cake! A really stunning and delicious cake that will be a success no matter the occasion! It’s amazing inside and out!

Mimosa slices

The Mimosa slices is an excellent dessert everyone should try!

Honey cream cake

The Honey cream cake can make everyone hungry just with its smell and looks, and it’s only topped by the taste!

Sour cherry and walnut cat eyes

The Sour cherry and walnut cat eyes is an amazing and easily prepared dessert! Try it!

Punch slices

  Punch slices! Not time consuming, hard to make, and the end result speaks for itself!

Kinder Pingui cubes

A lot of people loves this dessert, both kids and adults and will enjoy it! Try the Kinder Pingui cubes!

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