The Cocoa-cream-cubes is an amazing dessert recipe you have to try!

Banana yogurt cake

The Banana yogurt cake is a filling, delicious dessert, that’s also extremely easy to make! Try it!

Cherry slices (no bake)

It’s extremely easy to make and tastes amazing! Make the no-bake Cherry slices the whole family will love!

Cherry pound cake

The Cherry pound cake is a dessert everyone likes, because it’s not only light, flavorful, but also easy and quick to make!

Raspberry and yogurt tunnel cake

Make the Raspberry and yogurt tunnel cake and surprise your family! It’s delicious!

Poppy seed miracle

Try the Poppy seed miracle! It’s an amazing dessert that leaves a good aftertaste in your mouth!

Fake lattice cake with chocolate cream and bananas

The Fake lattice cake with chocolate cream and bananas is an amazing dessert you will want to eat seconds of!

Chocolate-Coconut Pie

The Chocolate-Coconut Pie is a simple, yet amazing dessert! Try it!

Classic snowballs

The Classic snowballs is one of the most well-liked dessert recipes for the holidays! Here’s a perfect recipe! Trust me, it won’t last long!

Strawberry curd cake

Strawberry curd cake! An easy, fruity dessert the whole family will love!

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