Hungarian Lángos

Have you heard of this Hungarian traditional dish? It’s time that you’ve made the Hungarian Lángos yourself!

Potato scones

  Tender, crisp Potato scones any time, any day!

New Year’s pigs

Simple to make and looks amazing! Try the New Year’s pigs!

Cheese scones

  A delicious, fluffy dessert: the Cheese scones! It’s impossible to mess up!

Curd scones

Try these tender, delicious Curd scones!

Hungarian Beigli

You should definitely try making the Hungarian Beigli this Christmas!


The Donuts are one of the most delicious and traditional yeast cake recipes. The dough is soft, yummy and light, served with powdered sugar and jam to make it irresistible!

Santa’s beard

The perfect pasta recipe for holidays, if you want to make something special! The kids will love the Santa’s beard cake!

Curd casserole with dill

The Curd casserole with dill is a real Hungarian specialty! We recommend for those, who want to try something new! It won’t disappoint you!

Homemade Lángos

  If you wish to taste a traditional, Hungarian food with a little twist, then you must try this Homemade lángos!

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