Homemade burgers

  If you like burgers, but don’t want to go to to a fast food restaurant, time to prepare your own Homemade burgers!

Stuffed onion rings

  If your weekend dinners are boring, spice things up with these delicious Stuffed onion rings!

Cheese-filled potato medallions

  Crispy on the outside, filled with melted cheese on the inside! You can serve the Cheese-filled potato medallions as a side dish or a main course!

Garlic spare ribs

  Garlic spare ribs is a classic everyone loves!

Ham and cheese sticks

  Ham and cheese sticks is an amazing breakfast food everyone will love!

Raffaello slices

  Would you like to surprise your family with a foam cake dessert on a Sunday? The Raffaello slices are the best choice!

Potato casserole

  The Potato casserole is a Hungarian dish you can’t dislike!

Bacon stuffed chicken breast with barbecue sauce

  Bacon stuffed chicken breast with barbecue sauce. A food born when Hungarian cuisine meets American!

Banana cream cake

  If you’re longing for a creamy, layer dessert, the Banana cream cake will impress you!

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