Savoy Cabbage With Potatoes

The Savoy Cabbage With Potatoes is a filling, cheap and quickly prepared food, that revels in its simplicity, and makes every dinner perfect!

Egg Lecso

  The Egg Lecso is a classic Hungarian dish you can’t get enough of! It’s delicious, and you’d miss out on a lot if you didn’t eat it in the summer!

Egg Barley Lecso

  The Egg Barley Lecso is one of the most delicious and the most filling variant of the well-known Hungarian lecso variants! Try it!

Winter Lecso

  Would you like to eat this iconic Hungarian dish during the winter? Then all you have to do is heat it up, season it and you’re set! The Winter Lecso is an amazing dish to make!

Curd Cake

  You don’t like butter cream, but you’d like to eat something simple and amazing? Try the Curd Cake!

Banana Wreath Cake

Would you like to eat a banana fruity cake? Try this Banana Wreath Cake, which is a Heaven-sent delight!

Snow white cake

Do you want to eat something creamy and light? Try the Snow white cake!

Chicken Parmesan

  Do you love cheese, and would like to make something amazing for dinner? Try the Chicken Parmesan!


You’d like to make a side dish rich in vitamins and nutrients? Try the Couscous!

Breakfast Grits

Everybody in the North knows this simple breakfast recipe. Try the Breakfast Grits today!

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