Chocolate Cake

You’d like to try the best dessert ever, but don’t have the courage? This will help! Make the Chocolate Cake today!

Linzer Cookies

  Are you bored of the usual linzer desserts? Try the Linzer Cookies!

Nut Cake

The Nut Cake is an easy, yet amazing cake you can prepare quickly, and will leave you wanting more!

Birthday Cake

  You’d like to prepare a cake for the kids by yourself? Here’s the perfect Birthday Cake recipe!

Sheet Cake

Here’s a buttery dessert sprinkled with almonds! It’s prepared quickly and is amazing! Try the Sheet Cake today!

Eggnog Pie

  Eggnog Pie! Try this amazing dessert made with eggnog, vanilla and chocolate! Try it!

Pancake Cake

Pancakes? Heck yeah! Make this amazing variant, the Pancake Cake! Prepare it as a main dish, or as dessert after a filling soup, either way it’s irresistible, and will make for a memorable dinner! Trust me, this spectacular dish will surely be everyone’s favorite!

Philadelphia Cake

  Cheese isn’t only paired with salty dishes, so here’s this sweet Philadelphia Cake you should definitely try!

Fruit Cake

You’d like to bake a cake, but you don’t like creamy ones? Then try this super Fruit Cake recipe full of vitamins!

Hungarian ricotta cake

The Hungarian ricotta cake is a traditional Hungarian dessert variant you have to try!

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