Creamy chestnut cake

Creamy chestnut cake! Soft, creamy and it’s impossible to resist!

Tiramisu cake

The Tiramisu cake is an amazing Italian cake reimagined and brought to a new light. Try it!

Baked rice pudding

The Baked rice pudding is a classic, traditional Hungarian dessert you should make if you want something light!

Jam Swiss roll

It’s better to make two sets of this dessert, because the Jam Swiss roll is irresistible!

Hazelnut cream filled banana wreath

If you like quickly made chocolate dishes, make the Hazelnut cream filled banana wreath!      

Apple roses

A creative and imaginative dessert! The Apple roses tastes and looks amazing!  

Fanta Dessert

A classic dessert for those with a sweet tooth! Try the Fanta Dessert!      

Choco slices

The Choco slices is the perfect dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth!    

Apricot Pie

An easily made, but amazing dessert! Try the Apricot Pie!  

Peanut Butter Mini Croissant

A quick dessert, if you’re looking for something sweet. Try the Peanut Butter Mini Croissant!    

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