Chicken soup

The Chicken soup is a classic soup recipe that everybody likes! Make it today!

Cherry preserves

Do you have too many cherries, and don’t know what to do with them? Why don’t you give the Cherry preserves a try?

Strawberry Jam

Do you have too many strawberries, and don’t know what to do with them? Try the Strawberry Jam!

Strawberry Tiramisu

A creative take on the usual tiramisu recipes, the Strawberry Tiramisu! Try it today!

Apple strudel

Apple strudel… If you want to make something delicious with little effort, try this amazing dish!

Apple sheet pie

Apple sheet pie! An awesome, appley sweet dessert everyone will love!


Try the Cheesecake with a little twist, that will look like a giant cheese disk! Based on a German recipe, now you can prepare it too!

Apple pancakes

The Apple pancakes is one of the best variant of pancakes, it’s something everyone should try


Ahh, Pancakes! Who could say no to them? They can make any breakfast or dinner amazing!

Sweet carrot salad

The Sweet carrot salad is an astonishing, easy and tasty salad recipe. Try it!

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