Elderflower syrup

The Elderflower syrup is the perfect juice you can drink on a hot, Summer day.

Apple cake

The Apple cake is an appley, delicious dessert everyone should make!

Potato gratin

The Potato gratin is a delicious dish you can make as a side dish or as a main course! Try it today!

Layer Salad

The Layer Salad is an amazing take on salads everyone should try!

Cold pasta salad

Make the Cold pasta salad this weekend, it will brighten up your day.

Cabbage salad

The Cabbage salad is one of the simplest salads you can make, but it doesn’t make it not one of the tastiest ones as well!

Carrot salad

Try the Carrot salad today! It’s a stunning and filling dish!

Potato salad

Try the Potato salad today, it’s filling and extremely easy to make!

Cucumber salad with vinegar and oil

The Cucumber salad with vinegar and oil is just the perfect salad for those hot, Summer days!

Tomato salad

The Tomato salad is a simple, yet amazing salad everyone has to try!

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