Walnut mushroom cookies

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! If you want to make something special and delicious, try the Walnut Mushroom Cookies! Walnut and chocolate flavors mix in the cookies, and not only they taste amazing, but they’re also good to look at!

Chocolate Pretzel Snowman

  If you want to surprise your loved ones with a fast and creative snack for the holidays, you must try this Chocolate Pretzel Snowman! It looks amazing and you can prepare it easily, even with your children.

Grinch Cookies

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! When hearing the word “Grinch” everyone thinks of Christmas. If you want to make a simple yet good-looking cookie for Christmas, Grinch Cookies is the perfect choice for you!

Ginger Cookies

  You won’t be able to resist the intense aroma and flavor of the Ginger Cookies! This simple and delicious cookie is a perfect choice for the holidays, so try it this Christmas!

Christmas Tree Cookies

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! During the holidays, it can be very crowded. Guests are coming to visit, so why not keep some Christmas Tree Cookies in the biscuit jar. Christmas Tree Cookies are very easy and fast to make!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich / S’mores

  If you’re bored of eating something salty for breakfast all the time, then let us show you two sweet recipes. Try this simple and absolutely yummy Peanut butter and jelly sandwich or S’mores recipe!

Gift Box Cookies

  Do you want to prepare something creative and amazing this Christmas? Check out our video and try this very simple yet original Gift Box Cookies recipe!


WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Profiteroles are one of the most well-known Italian dessert. There are a lot of known variants, because they can be filled with any cream or dressing. People are usually afraid to make it at home, but we’re here to show you how to make them easily. Try it today! […]

Poppy Seed Snow Horns

If you want to surprise your family this Christmas, or choose something simple and sweet, try the Poppy Seed Snow Horns!

Jaffa Cookies

  WATCH OUR VIDEO and try our recipe! Everyone knows the homemade Jaffa Cookies. Covered with chocolate and filled with strawberry, orange or sour cherry cream and it’ll become everyone’s favorite!   Make your own cookbook with our recipe cards! 😉 Download it – Print it – Make it!      

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