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Double bacon-wrapped stuffed pork chops
Bacon pie
Bacon-wrapped stuffed potatoes
Cheese-stuffed meatballs wrapped in bacon
Hungarian poppy seed dessert
Truffle cake
Esterházy Torte
Cheese-bacon-sausages baked in batter
Chicken bites wrapped in bacon
Snow eggs
Homemade burgers
Stuffed onion rings
Cheese-filled potato medallions
Garlic spare ribs
Ham and cheese sticks
Raffaello slices
Potato casserole
Bacon stuffed chicken breast with barbecue sauce
Banana cream cake
Fruit cup with apple flowers
Sweet yeast nests with curd
Creative Easter breakfast
Easter DIY
Cheese croissant
Black Forest cake
Eggplant cream
Schnitzel à la Holstein
Cream of Asparagus soup
Mimosa slices
Honey cream cake
Sour cherry and walnut cat eyes
Cocoa curd cake
Hash browned potatoes
Potato dumplings
Punch slices
Bandit´s soup
Carrot cake
Kinder Pingui cubes
Homemade crescent rolls
Apple and pear tiramisu
Chicken breast in sour cream and curry sauce
Granny´s kefir cake
Mexican bean chili
Savoy cabbage meatballs
Potato noodles
Caesar salad
Mayonnaise salad in venison form
Chinese vegetables noodles
Pea cream soup
Chicken breast in beer pastry crust
Spaghetti with cheese sauce and bacon
French onion soup
Peach cookies
Savory custard
Cheese rolls with egg and ham
Strawberry cake with cream cheese
Liver strips
Home-made cream slices
Yeast dumplings with jam filling
Szegedin goulash
Rice with meat
Homemade Gundel pancakes
Hunter’s stew
Stuffed peppers
Simple cabbage and noodles
Palóc soup
Ham roll
Cocoa curd cake
Creamy mushroom soup
Stuffed potato roll in cheese crust
Cherry soup
Breakfast turnovers
Braided yeast bun
Cherry sauce
Sheep curd Strapatschka
Cordon Bleu
Pork schnitzel Bakonyi style
Egg noodles
Russian cream cake
Homemade bread
Celery cream soup
No bake curd cake
Spaghetti Carbonara
Tarragon ragout soup
Hamburger buns
Baked tomato macaroni
Banana yogurt cake
Vanilla rings
Pockets with minced meat
Cherry slices (no bake)
Savoy cabbage and frankfurter soup
Garlic gnocchi with cheese sauce
Cherry pound cake
Milk cake with forest berry sauce
Paprika potatoes
Meatballs with tomato sauce
Lemon mascarpone cake
Goosefoot cake
Sheep curd cones
Sacher cake
Sheet pan chicken breast in cheese dough
Risotto with fried mushrooms
Creamy cheese soup
Molehill cake
Semolina pasta
Wax beans stew
Tomato soup
Oven-baked Schnitzel
Lebbencs Soup
Raspberry and yogurt tunnel cake
Peppered tokány
Poppy seed miracle
Fake lattice cake with chocolate cream and bananas
Homemade granola bars
Jam pockets
Bread dumplings
Potato dumplings
Potato croquettes
Simple egg soup
Curd cheese turnover
Puff cookies
Chocolate-Coconut Pie
Curd snack cake
Kinder Bueno cake
Chocolate cake
Potato donuts
Classic snowballs
Rum balls
Coconut rolls
Lightning-fast snowballs (no bake)
Butter scones
Traditional pea soup with handmade noodles
Scones with greaves
Broccoli cream soup
Eggplant and chicken pie
Cauliflower soup with sour cream
Oven-baked donuts
Bean goulash
Yellow pea stew
Potato soup
Strawberry curd cake
Pizza dough
Creamy chestnut cake
Classic mashed potatoes
Tiramisu cake
Mushroom ragout with sour cream
Pea stew
Baked rice pudding
Creamy pumpkin
Jam Swiss roll
Roast beef with onions
Liptauer spread stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon
Liptauer spread
Ricotta lasagna
Plum dumplings
Honey mustard chicken
Stuffed eggplant with minced meat
Spring chicken roulade
Stuffed chicken with feta cheese and rocket wrapped in ham
Stuffed pork chops
Hot dog with Bolognese sauce
Feta and basil stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon
Hazelnut cream filled banana wreath
Cauliflower sticks
Apple roses
Sandwich cake with bechamel (white) sauce
Zucchini pizza
Fruit cup with apple flowers
Curd dumplings
Stuffed Baguette with Garlic
Chicken with Mushrooms and Cheese
Cheesy Bacon-wrapped Chicken Breast Casserole
Fanta Dessert
Chicken strips in Garlic-Sour cream batter
Spicy Cheese Chicken Casserole
Bacon-Chicken Roses
Tomato Chicken Casserole
Corny Chicken Breasts
Bacon wrapped Chicken filled with Plums
Chicken with Pesto and Mozzarella
Bacon-wrapped Chicken Pie
Choco slices
Apricot Pie
Chicken strips in Sesame and Honey
Roasted Pork Chops
Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Potato Roll
Veggie Penne
Peanut Butter Mini Croissant
Mediterranean Bread
Zucchini balls with Cheese
Mushrooms with Cream Cheese
Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies with Frozen Yogurt
Stuffed Buns
Apricot Cream Soup
Crab Sandwich
Peanutbutter Cookies
Yogurt Sundae with Oatmeal
Yogurt Ice Cream with Fruits
Sausage Daisies
Stuffed Baguette
Biscuit Ice Cream Cake
Vegetable Pie
Ladybug Sandwich
Flora’s Pizza
Dark Chocolate Mint Plant
Avocado Ice Cream
Chocolate Lava Cake
Raspberry Chocolate cake
Meatballs with Bacon
Zucchini Rolls
Mini cheesecake with lemon
Pizza wreath
Cinnamon hearts
Hotdog Snakes
Bear-shaped Pancakes
Baguette Boats
Sausage Snails
Bacon and Egg cake
Panda Muffins
Potato pancakes filled with cheese and ham
Stuffed baked potatoes with bacon
Bread filled with cheese and herbs
Ham and eggs muffins
Chocolate brownie dessert with raspberries
Raspberry parfait
Healthy chocolate banana icecream
Chocolate filled ice cream cones
Bear omelette
Potato roses with bacon
Cherry tomato tulips with whipped feta filling
Banana Penguins
Frankfurter octopus
Mozzarella Penguins for your guests
5 minute Fruity Nutella Wonder Pastry
Egg muffins
Onion Rings filled with cheese and ham
Meat roll with bacon and cheese
Cloud Eggs

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